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HYBOND Universal Wire Bonder Test Systems (DFS IV) and DFS Calibration Unit

Essential tools for monitoring and calibrating bonders

Designed to measure a wire bonder’s dynamic force and ultrasonic generator output in real time.

The HYBOND Universal Wire Bonder Test System provides force information measured in grams and milliseconds as well as U/S in volts for thorough monitoring of performance – regardless of the manufacturer. For HYBOND wire bonders the DFS calibration procedure can measure and calculate U/S system power, frequency, phase and impedance.

  • Manual, semi-auto and auto bonder compatible
  • Force and voltage measuring modes
  • Reference trace capture and storage
  • Lightweight, compact and portable design

Ideal for applications requiring rapid heating and cooling control.

The HY-Pulse 900C is best suited for applications that need minimal or no scrubbing, manual scrubbing, short heating times, or reworking of pre-soldered parts. For applications requiring precise pick, place and scrub of devices, the Hy-Pulse 900C easily integrates with HYBOND Eutectic die bonder models UDB-141 of UDB-206B.

Hybond's Model 626 Multipurpose Digital Thermosonic Bonder

The cooling process can be accelerated by activating the cool nitrogen blower.

Model HY-Pulse 900C Fluxless/Eutectic Solder Station Features

  • High power pulse heat generator
  • Dual-temperature work stage
  • Foot switch or push-button heat pulse actuation
  • Independently adjustable heat pulse and cooling cycle
  • Up to four heating profiles can run in series (Up To 10 heat/cool steps per profile)
  • LED display for setting and tracking heat pulse and cooling times
  • Cover gas heating
  • External jack for connection to separate die bonder
  • Dual-temperature control units: one controls constant heat and the other controls pulse heat.
  • Dual-flow meters: one controls cover gas flow and the other controls cool gas flow
  • Heating and cooling profiles programmable through USB port or Watlow Downloadable Software.

Model HY-Pulse 900C Fluxless/Eutectic Solder Station Specifications

  • Scrub System: None. Scrub can be done by operator or by die bonder if used
  • Scrub Amplitude: Depends on operator or die bonder used
  • Bond (Scrub) Time Range: Operator or die bonder dependent
  • Bond Time (including Temp. Ramp): Ranging from 0 to 99 seconds
  • Bonding Force Range: None. Depends on operator or die bonder if used
  • Work Stage Temperature Range: Ambient to 500°C
  • Collet Temperature Range: None. Dependent on operator or die bonder used
  • Bondable Die Size: Up to maximum package size (see below)
  • Maximum Package/Substrate Size: 840mil x 980mil (21mm x 25mm)
  • Placement Accuracy: Operator or die bonder dependent
  • Bondable Preform Alloys: AuSn, AuSi, AuGe, and others
  • Bond Actuation: By foot switch, front panel push button or external trigger
  • Work Stage Motion: Manual (standard) but other work stages are available
  • Input Power Requirements: 120VAC standard or 240VAC (with OP-12)
  • Cover Gas Recommended: H₂/N₂ 5/95, 1/8” male barbed fitting
  • Minimum Bench Space Required: Width: 18in (46cm) Height: 15in (38cm) Depth: 15in (38cm)
  • Unit Weight/Shipping Weight: 35lbs (16Kg) approximately
  • Approximate Units Per Hour (UPH): 180 to 300 depending on operator skill or equipment used

Optional Features

  • Nikon SMZ745 Microscope (OP-06B)
  • Dual Fiber Optic Illuminator (OP-08A-LED)
  • Base Plate & Boom Arm Assembly for mounting Microscope and Illuminator System (OP-100 & 101)
  • Leica S9E Zoom Stereo Microscope (OP-06S9E)
  • White LED Ring Illuminator (OP-08R-LED)
  • Eutectic Die Bonders: UDB-206B (manual) & UDB-141 (semi-automatic)

Leading companies rely on HYBOND for technical assistance and support to help keep bonding operations running smoothly.

Dedicated as-needed Field Service
Our factory-based sales and support personal are trained in bonder maintenance and operation. If further on-site expertise is needed, we can deploy support personal worldwide to assist with anything from calibration and optimization to equipment maintenance.

Responsive troubleshooting and Technical Support
Our knowledgeable team is committed to helping you promptly – and free of charge via phone or e-mail. If the issue requires more hands-on attention, we can arrange an on-site service visit for resolution or repair.

Customized technical Training
Expand your expertise and essential skills through our wire bonding fundamentals course. Offered three times a year, and as part of tailored training for small groups, available on-site, or at our sunny California headquarters.

Trial samples and Applications guidance
Our multi-industry bonding experience can provide valuable insight into your specific application requirements. We can set up a trial bonds and help you determine the ideal wire or die bonder for your needs.

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