Specialized wire bonding and die bonding solutions

HYBOND Soft-Touch Bonding Technology

Get more control for effective bonds with less trauma to sensitive materials

More consistent bonds with less risk of damage to delicate substrate and wire.

HYBOND Soft-Touch™ bonding technology provides added wire bonding precision through a combination of force ramping and ultrasonic and thermosonic energy. This unique combination of controlled force and energy creates an effective bond with less trauma to the wire, substrate and sensitive materials like GaAs and InP.

Standard on selected HYBOND models, Soft-Touch™ technology is a versatile addition enabling a wide range of wire and sensitive substrate bonding.

  • Improved bond strength and consistency
  • Higher yield and reduced scrap
  • Material and application performance versatility
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Hybond Soft-Touch

HYBOND Soft-Touch™ helps prevent cratering or cracking of sensitive material surfaces and eliminates cutting or weakening of fine bond wires 0.5mil (12,5um).