Specialized wire bonding and die bonding solutions

EDB-141 Epoxy Die Bonder

Die placer with programmable pattern dispense and precise bond-like thickness control

Ideal for multi-chip modules and batches in lab or production applications

Two-camera system increases productivity by 2X or more over competitive models. During die placement, the operator can simultaneously target the next die at  pick-up location.

This machine includes package depth sensing for precise bond line thickness control regardless of package and epoxy variants.

  • Manual and semi-automatic operation
  • Patented bond-line thickness control
  • Programmable dispense parameters and patterns
  • Large format versions available

Manual or semi-automatic operation with remote control.

Standard EDB-141 features include a dual-screen CCTV system for enhanced visibility, package depth sensing for consistent bond line thickness and built-in programmable dispensing control for precise positioning and bonding.

Hybond's Model EDB-141 Epoxy/Silver Glass Die Bonder

The EDB-141 can be fitted with waffle pack/gel pack, loose die pedestal, or die ejector for added performance flexibility.

Model EDB-141 Epoxy Die Bonder Features

  • Dual-screen CCTV visual targeting system
  • Package depth sensing for consistent and precise bond line thickness
  • Built-in programmable dispense patterns and control
  • Storage for up to 200 dispense programs
  • Multiple programmable dispense patterns and placement positions
  • Motorized/programmable X-Y stage
  • Waffle pack/loose die pickup pedestal
  • Pitch and Roll adjustments for bond head
  • Custom die collets to match customer die
  • Manual and semiautomatic operation modes
  • Remote control panel for ease of operation
  • Footswitch operation allows hands-free pick and place operation

Model EDB-141 Epoxy Die Bonder Specifications

  • Dispense System: Programmable pressure, time and drip avoidance system.
  • Bond Line Accuracy: ±.0.5 mil (±m12,7 lµm)
  • Temperature Control Range: Ambient to 250° C with optional heat stage.
  • Bondable Die Size Range: 6x6 mils (152x152 µm) to 1x1 inch (25x25 mm) standard
  • Placement Accuracy: ± 1 mil (25,4 µm) standard. Less when adding microscope option.
  • Dispense Materials: Epoxy, conductive epoxy and silver glass.
  • Bond Head Actuation: Motorized, rotational, w/ fixed pick-up and placement points.
  • Bond Actuation: By opto-sensor at fixed height. Cycle initiated by footswitch.
  • Vertical Bonding Window: 0.5” (1.20 cm) / 0.125” to 0.500” (0,31 to 1,20 cm).
  • Table Motion: 1.9" (48mm) travel standard. (5" travel optional)
  • Input Power Requirements: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz @ 10 amps. 240VAC requires PN 600-065
  • Min. Bench Space Required: Height/width: 24” (45cm), Depth: 22” (56cm), without monitor.
  • Facilities Required (min.): Vacuum: 23”Hg (584mmHg). Air: 60-80psi (4.2Kg/cm3).
  • Unit Weight /Shipping Weight: 75lbs (34Kg)/150lbs (68Kg). Shipping weight will vary.
  • Approx. Units Per Hour (UPH): 90 -240 depending on options, settings and mode of operation.

Optional Features

  • Die Ejector Systems
  • Vacuum die pedestal for gel packs
  • Side-viewing Stereo Microscope w/ Swivel Base
  • Dual fiber-optic illumination system
  • Stir column for silver glass /conductive epoxy
  • Micro-Dispensing head
  • Lead frame indexing systems
  • Semi-automatic indexing systems
  • Heater stage and temperature controller
  • Customization based on specific application

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