Work Platforms & Tooling

Local Time at Hybond: Monday, 02 October 2023, 6:52 AM

Work Platforms

Work Platforms (or WP’s) are used with bonders which do not have alignment systems, or are used in place of some other type of alignment system, such as the use of a motorized work platform instead of a manual work platform. WP’s will have custom mounting for work stages/work holders but normally do not directly hold the work to be done.

Hybond’s 100 series work platforms are manual and the 200 series work platforms are motorized and programmable. WP’s have no heat because they are work platforms; not workstages/work holders.


The WP-102A is used with the 616B-003 for manual X-Y part alignment or as an independent one hand X-Y adjustable platform for inspection.


WP-260 is a motorized programmable work platform which can be integrated with several versions of the Model 616B Peg Bonders for semi-automatic operation.

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