Die Bonders - Model UDB-141

Local Time at Hybond: Monday, 02 October 2023, 8:17 AM

Model UDB-141 Eutectic Die Bonder

Model UDB-141 Epoxy / Silver Glass Bonder


Model UDB-141 is a semi-automatic die bonder for eutectic, thermoplastic, and other die attach media where heat is required at the die pick up tool and/or the package work stage. Precise die placement, quick device change over, and versatility are integral with the design.

The UDB-141 is rugged enough for continuous production and ideal for small production runs and laboratory applications. Die pick up and placement are facilitated with the aid of dual CCTV cameras and a split screen monitor which incorporates a die and package targeting system. A turret head allows the machine to pickup preforms and die with separate collets. A preform pick up system and a 4:1 X-Y manipulator for package location can be added depending on the application.

The UDB-141 is modular and easily adapted to various modifications. Custom packages and die can be accommodated by designing in suitable fixtures to fit the application.

Standard Features

  • Black & White CCTV System
  • Heated nitrogen cover gas
  • Preform pickup cycle
  • Manual and semiautomatic operation
  • Adjustable scrub time
  • Dual axis scrub
  • Manual X-Y alignment stage
  • Waffle pack / loose die pickup pedestal
  • Pitch & Roll adjustments for bond head
  • Independent head and stage temp. control
  • Adjustable scrub amplitude
  • PLC Control

Optional Features

  • Die Ejector Systems
  • Heated N2 gas package enclosure
  • Color CCTV System
  • Zoom Stereo Microscope w/ Swivel Base
  • Dual fiber-optic illumination system
  • Dual axis scrub bond head
  • Lead frame indexing systems
  • Semi-automatic indexing systems
  • Remote Pendant Controls
  • Variable time -ramped temperature generator
  • Laser diode alignment search height pause
  • Customization based on specific application


» Scrub System:

Dual axis: Motorized

» Scrub Amplitude:

0 - 25 mils (0 - 635µm). Same for X and Y in dual axis

» Bond (Scrub) Time Range:

0 to 15 seconds

» Dwell Time (before scrubbing):

0 to 15 seconds

» Bond Force Range:

15 to 130 grams (standard)

» Temperature Control Range:

Stage: Ambient to 500° C, Collet: Ambient to 250° C

» Bondable Die Size Range:

6 x 6 mils (152 x 152 µm) to 750 x 750 mils (1,9 x 1,9 µm)

» Placement Accuracy:

± 1 mil (25,4 µm) standard. Less when adding microscope option.

» Bondable Preform Alloys:

AuSn, AuSi, AuGe, and others

» Bond Head Movement:

Motorized, rotational, w/ fixed pick-up and placement points

» Bond Actuation:

By opto-switch at fixed height. Cycle initiated by footswitch.

» Vertical Bonding Window:

0.5 in (1.20 cm) / 0.125 to 0.500 in. (0,31 to 1,20 cm)

» Table Motion:

Manual, with thumbscrew adjustments (standard)

» Approx. Units Per Hour (UPH):

90 - 240 depending on options and settings

» Min. Bench Space Required:

18" W 18" H x 22 " Dp (46cm x 46cm x 56cm) (Bonder only)

» Facilities Required (min.):

Vacuum: 23 inHg. Inert gas (if required): 60psi

» Input Power Requirements:

120 VAC 50/60 Hz @ 8 amps

» Unit Weight /Shipping Weight:

75 / 150 lbs (34 / 68 Kg). Shipping weight will vary