About Us

Local Time at Hybond: Monday, 02 October 2023, 8:24 AM

Hybond Official Description

HYBOND, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells Thermosonic Ball and Wedge WireBonders; Single Point TAB Bonders; Epoxy and Silver-Glass Die Bonders; Eutectic and Laser Diode Die Bonders; DFS Universal Bonder Test Units and a variety of adjustable height heated work stages.

Established in 1980 and incorporated in 1981, HYBOND equipment has reached the farthest regions of the world. We have customers on every continent spanning across a number of industries including: Academic (Universities, Colleges and Institutes), Aerospace, Data Storage, Microwave, Sensors and Optical Fiber Telecommunications to name a few.

Our worldwide network of Sales Representatives and Distributors are the eyes, ears and image of our organization in the field. They provide us with valuable information, presence and sales in the cutting edge of technology. These people allow HYBOND to effectively communicate with customers in their own language and customs as well as establish strong personal relationships that are much needed in an ever more impersonal world.

Our headquarter’s staff is knowledgeable, dependable, enthusiastic and dedicated to achieving the highest quality products, service, and support for our customers. We take pride in promotions from within so that our employees can grow along with the company and be allowed the opportunity to make a difference in a system they know in-depth.

Hybond Mission Statement

HYBOND, Inc. is committed to providing customers worldwide with the highest quality microelectronic assembly equipment and total customer support. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and customer service.

We will respond to new and unique applications even if they require equipment we do not yet manufacture. We are prepared to answer any questions that our customers, current or prospective, may have.

We will try any application for the customer which is related to our equipment or area of expertise, upholding our commitment to total customer support.