Peg Bonders - Model 616B-003

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Model 616B-003 Digital Ultrasonic Peg Bonder

Model 616B-003 Digital Ultrasonic Peg Bonder


Model 616B-003 Digital Ultrasonic Single Channel Peg Bonder is designed for ultrasonic bonding of interconnects in applications that do not require the bonder to feed wire.

Applications include "tacking" tuning ribbons, insulated wire bonding, flex on flex bonding, pin tab bonding, mesh bonding , and ball coining.

When fitted with a WP-280 and OP-75, the 616B-003 becomes a semiautomatic machine for medium to high volume production.

Standard Features

  • Hybond Soft Touch energy system
  • Servo-motor vertical (Z axis) control
  • 0.75 inch vertical bonding window
  • Variable height bonding within 0.75 inch
  • Search height adjustable in 0.001 inch increments
  • Hi / Low Ultrasonic Power (PLL Generator)
  • Digital Parameter adjustment in actual units
  • Storage for up to 10 bond schedules
  • Dual bond counters for tool use & total bonds
  • Dual footswitch control for vertical movement
  • Fast or slow Z-axis movement in manual mode
  • Bond level sensor system stops Z axis movement upon contact with bond surface and activates bond cycle.
  • Deep access when using 0.75" wedge
  • Wiring for 120 VAC 50/60Hz @ 10A Max.

Optional Features

  • Leica S7E Zoom Stereo Microscope (OP-06S7E)
  • Nikon SMZ745 Microscope (OP-06B)
  • Dual Fiber Optic Illuminator (OP-08B)
  • White LED Ring Illuminator (OP-08R1-LED)
  • Provisions for 240VAC 50/60 Hz (OP-12)
  • Beam Lead Diode Bonding option (OP-47)
  • Base Plate & Post for mounting the bond head (when used as a tabletop unit as shown in the photograph) (OP-100)
  • Microscope Boom Arm & Clamping Block for mounting the microscope to the post (see photograph) (OP-101)
  • Work Stages: Heated & Unheated available
  • PT-X.X: Peg Tool as ordered per application


» Ultrasonic System:

PLL self-tuning, 62.5 KHz (±2.5KHz) nominal

» Ultrasonic Power Range:

0-2 watt on Low setting, 0-4 watts on High setting

» Bond Time Range:

0 - 900 mSec

» Bond Force Range:

12 - 300 grams

» Bondable Wire Diameters:

0.7 to 3.0mil (18 to 76μm), may vary by material

» Bond Head Movement:

True linear vertical (Z) motorized movement with fast and slow speeds in manual mode or search height pause in auto mode

» Bond Actuation:

Sensor at variable height, actuated by contact with bond surface

» Input Power Requirements:

120 VAC 50/60 Hz @ 10A (std), order OP-12 for 240VAC 50/60Hz

» Min. Bench Space Required:

14" x 31" x 17" (36cm x 79cm x 43cm)

» Unit Weight /Shipping Weight:

70 / 150 lbs (31,8 / 68,2 Kg). Shipping weight varies with options ordered.

» Industry Standards:

CE certified